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The Playing in Public Blog: Sutâto!

Hello World!


Welcome to my research blog dedicated to my PhD thesis project on game center culture. This blog is a way for me to make my research available to the larger scientific community, as well as fans of Japanese video game culture in general. Over the next few years, I will blog about the status of my research as well as any interesting things I come across during my PhD student years. This is a space dedicated to arcade game research; you may expect posts featuring certain games or texts that I find might be of interest.

This side project will start with a rerun of the blog posts I wrote for Kineblog, a community blog attached to the Kinephanos academic journal. Entries I wrote for this blog are a bit larger than regular blog posts and still seem to be relevant today, so I thought featuring them on this site would not be a bad idea. Expect material in both French and English (and maybe Japanese if I can muster the courage).

Stay tuned for the next few years as I attempt to unravel the fascinating world of Japanese video game arcades!